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i'm positive like the hotel food for him i would print certain discipline burrito in tight you will certainly touch your group which is a good good how would international help flood achieve every green low heat chill in talk of. thousands rage on the streets of greece as parliament votes for higher taxes and yet more job cuts claiming it's the only way to pull the country out of its financial quagmire. and more strikes hit another part of the e.u. as the u.k. graces itself for more than half a million teachers and civil servants voicing their anger against the government's massive complex. where the new head of the pentagon and the wars that flourished for the outgoing secretary defense robert gates.
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and on line twenty four hours a day welcome to r.t. our top story now greece has erupted into more civil unrest with thousands of angry protesters flooding the streets that's after parliament's again the largest tough new cuts in order to secure a further a natural life line in the e.u. and european officials welcome the greeks could not have been less happy with the pentagon's thirty think rather than the same two reference on the second day of the general strike protests the police smashed windows and set property police responded with tear gas and stun grenades and the clashes continue to overnight dozens of police in the testers were injured many demonstrators were detained greeks now face twenty billion euro worth of cuts and tax rises a precondition for a second bailout released without the money greece will default on its loans for weeks. a financial. mess the government and this is the minds of people.
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i've been to a lot of these protests and a lot of these rallies are usually the things down after they get very violent or at least when we head into the night time there's a there's a brief period where things calm down before an interesting thing is some some bikers who actually rode down yesterday from northern greece and more and more people got on the on the bandwagon as they came down they rode by again in front of parliament once again people get very excited when they come through it's very hopeful so it's i think there's a mix there's a mixture of excitement hope because of the the response but also there's a there's a concern and a fear because there's a lot of violence and and that's a concern not only for the protesters obviously who have been injured but also for the government because with these with this type of violence it becomes a much more difficult for them to pass a started measures and privatization schemes that are widely unpopular in this country according to scholars here in greece where constitutional scholars and former members of the government they claim that the measure completely unconstitutional the first place because you need one hundred eighty members of
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parliament to pass this sort of legislation first of all second of all they can pass whatever they like but if the people don't agree to it and the people are not willing to sit down and take it it doesn't really matter what they pass and that's what we're seeing here right now what you're looking to have happen is you're going to see a fall discovered at some point i said if things get really of the violence is a really big issue because if if the violence if this results in casualties not just massive injuries then that's going to that's going to lead to a collapse of this government will that mean that the next government will come in and actually do something productive maybe maybe not but then the government have to fall to i don't see the people in this country lying down people are very angry here and they're very upset and they understand what's going on and understand these measures are not going to help them and their future there are a lot of educated people this country a lot of capable people people living outside of greece who want to come back to this country because they love it and they're not about the see it get liquidated first some for some morsel of bread and some islands in the aegean that might have natural gas and any that's not going to happen. recant these are said to hold
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another nation on thursday to decide how the cuts are going to be implemented it was weeks cry out against tough austerity measures it's the germans who attends bear the brunt of paying out lawyer markus kerber says the greek rescue package says a sells of the ease fear of contagion and puts credit since risk. we have to bail out probation and the european treaty article one hundred twenty five which expresses says that we have a month or union run through a union without collective financial or fifth of solidarity there's only so very creative natural catastrophes like earthquakes the greek crisis in order to create governance problem it's generated by police and it's greece is a responsibility as a matter of fact there's people believe that the greek crisis and create a contagion to other more you go to congress politicians are afraid of people who are afraid taken very very unreasonable decisions the first decision was to allow
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greece to have a very generous credit last year a credit to a sovereign country means that as long as a sovereign country has will be imposed as a paper credit or people have been creditors will remain at risk so we are in a very very dangerous phase of european monetary policy. institute for policy because we have strayed away straight away from the path of institutional anomaly virtue which is laid down in the treaty and the overnight thing on the ninth and tenth of may under french influence of the european economic. community and the european monetary union has been redesigned without any good populations have consented to giving up their money to germans. and very bitterly i feel i was neuer arguing that the greek bailout is actually our. side you do statement.
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but it's not only greece that seeing last civil unrest in the u.k. more than half a million public sector workers are set to protest against government plans to change their pensions and freeze pay in schools were closed and transport is light and severely affected as workers embark on a run they strike out a nice lower emittance into the voices of frustration. down tools are with industrial action and autumn of discontent starts here as the u.k. braces for a wave of strikes not seen for decades this time it's three quarters of a million public sector workers walking out unhappy with the planned reform of their pensions which they say will see them paying a lot more and getting a lot less we don't think that should be wasted what's wrong with pensions we think they can deserves to have security retirement it took about withdrawing from the pension scheme because they can't afford to pay the mortgage at the same time as
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paying for the pensions and people are really angry that time and because of making bonuses yeah ok we're being asked to take a pension in uk asians to pay more for a pension it's reality is we've got to for the rest which is that these people do a huge variety of key work from teachers and lecturers to air traffic controllers and coast guards unisons the u.k.'s biggest public sector trade union deputy chief paul babbly says his one point three million members are ready for prolonged in just real action and we're almost a war footing we've got thirty million pain sets aside and we've got a strategy work out but i must stress that's not what we want to do we want to talk to the government and negotiate a sensible package and nor the ridiculous package of the proposal at the moment that package involves raising the retirement age from sixty to sixty six raising
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pension contributions by workers and having payouts based on average career earnings rather than final fowler the unions admit public support is fundamental to having a successful strike action the government is very unlikely to change its mind about reforms if the public at large doesn't back the unions but that's by no means a short public service workers who already get very generous pensions and a. the cost of those pensions is very much a cop it turns the burden falls on to the next generation it really is absolutely essential that public sector pensions reformed and even after they are reformed public sector workers will get far better pensions and worse present such workers the unions want to apply enough pressure to force the government to change its mind and it's no stranger to you turns it was hell bent on reforming the health service too until it decided to take longer to think about it causing friction in the coalition the government's doing this to reduce the current fifty billion dollar
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pension bill but it may be cutting off its nose to spite its face that the white issue here according to the u.k. pension fund future it let me public back to work if no don't think that what while it makes me stop to be think that if there was a widespread with pepsi would collapse and that would leave u.k. p.l.d. the very shores of investment just what it needs it more than ever the unions will be fretting that it is the government listening you know rabbit party loved it. but the state of the walkouts in the u.k. hasn't been seen for decades later we hear from this trade union leader so what that says if the government fails to take notice this time around it will return to protests in even greater numbers. having three quarters of a million people from four different unions on strike if something happens hasn't happened in this country for decades it's the start not the finish our message to
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the government is if they try to ignore it we'll come back in the autumn and we may well see millions of people on strike so the idea is to build pressure so the government realize the working people the length and breadth of the u.k. are not just going to let them get away with what they're doing and we believe that pressure ultimately come force them to change direction so you won't just when they're having a chat with a few people in a room is one thing saying you want to go when they could be millions. people say construction is entirely another we actually believe that the six million trade unionists plus the thousands and thousands or hundreds of thousands of pensioners and students all becoming a joint campaign is going to be politically very powerful already seen in britain a march of one hundred five hundred thousand people three months ago transformed the political mood in this country really from march can be our river walk it strikes actually do. that you can watch the full interview with about what kind of interest in it start with
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r.t. . also coming away tensions are still high over the long awaited changes in egypt's capital yet again which is boiling point there's thousands of protesters accusing interim government of the lack of action in their deaths also at least in the recent revolt. and the history repeating itself doubt about the hardships only people forcibly displaced are struggling to get back to their native land. for almost five years has been the morale of the helm of the u.s. military response over the billions of dollars that floated to the president's coffers from washington now the secretary of defense robert gates is retiring behind three wars and an ever growing defense budget for the director of the cia stepping into his shoes of critics doubt will be much change in the pentagon's course college account of what's. whoever's in the white house in the pentagon it's
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business as usual robert gates was secretary of defense to two different presidents obama was elected on a promise to end the wars of his predecessor george w. bush but america's worse continued and one more was even added to the plate of inconclusive campaign libya when administrative strange or changed between parties there really isn't a great deal of train in the pentagon under robert gates his watch america's annual defense spending approach the trillion dollars rising at a pace of about five percent a year but statements from his office were often contradictory fence spending that nearly doubled the base budget over the last decade a gusher has been turned off and will stay off the u.s. is supposed to leave iraq by the end of the year but it seems that deadline is not final he gives all kinds of contradictory statements for instance not long ago
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he said that anyone who advise us to pour u.s. land army in the middle of an aging conflict should have his head examined yet at the same time. he's done everything you can he's flown over several times to baghdad to cleave with nouri al maliki government to please please could u.s. soldiers after the deadline at the end of this year the pentagon says they expect the iraqi government will ask them to stay beyond their scheduled december thirty first departure date but with the announced troop withdrawals from iraq and afghanistan the u.s. started actively waging a different kind of warfare what they call an intelligent war one that's waged with drones without sacrificing the lives of their soldiers in countries like pakistan yemen and libya and. many say that's the major shift that happened in military
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operations under robert gates a shift that some say can only lead to more destruction. united states has increased the intensity of the focus on pakistan in terms of drone strikes those remotely piloted vehicles while targeting terrorists the us has been criticised for killing mostly civilians it's also making us less secure from a policy standpoint we can intervene are all over the world it just fuels insurgencies and fuels and i am americanism analysts say the deaths of thousands of civilians in afghanistan are part of the reason why the u.s. has failed at curbing insurgency there now the u.s. is preparing to pull out a first of its troops by the end of next year many afghans fear that less troops doesn't mean less bombs dropped on their homes as the u.s. that stop aerial strikes in the region the possibility of waging
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a war without having to justify the deaths of the american troops has become more palatable for the pentagon the cia has been at the forefront of america's undeclared wars and with a new secretary of defense leon panetta who was the head of the cia the trend is on my we can change i'm going to shut down reporting from washington our team. egypt's interim leadership is facing the strain with renewed violence on the streets officials of all of the problems and clashes in cairo which of left more than a thousand people injured during two days of protests. that they say must take gas to disperse demonstrators and post offices with stones and firebombs the owner arrested again over the slow pace of prosecution for senior officials and police officers accused of eternity in the mass uprising group activists also calling for this media attention the forums and manager called present. i missed.
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the office created that change. the regime is truly in place and the political parties and the political forces who are taking a lead in for the next elections they don't care about history or just want to get a nice thing to grab political power later on and young generation the connected deal employed young intellectuals of egypt now they're back in the streets again because they see that essentially nothing has changed these people who committed these atrocities in fact against civilians especially in february. still at large. i would say it's a fair bet that they won't be going to trial for the next few months because most of the people who are actually protecting them are still there and the minister of interior the problem here is these new forces in egypt. interactions the unemployed the contractor this is the generation it's real generation they still
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don't have political participation organized as well the fact is that the looser brotherhood is already very well organized even do a progressive streak of the muslim brotherhood is splintering in forming their own political party because these younger muslim brotherhood people think that the old generation is too conservative and that's absolutely true. if you missed something that we've been covering on the air you can always got it on live t dot com more news an eye catching videos at their field as well as a taster of how they made regional plan to see part taking a peak when we feel close but it seems that everyone stammers home so hands on threats to new data reveals a high levels of radiation. found a very unlikely friendship and the russians were faux pas of the rooster instead of having it for dinner so all of that begins to change.
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is he. going to. come. down with the official anti allocation joint phone called touch for me i'll choose option. one geology and like on the go. video on demand parties my old girls and streets now in the palm of your. question on the potty dot com. now to some of the international stories in brief
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the saga that is way it has been laid to next week's major summit of latin american and caribbean leaders that's who charges and still recovering from surgery cuba comes out to state television show the fifty six year old talk of the castro deepening speculation over his health troubles or also this sort of rationing or two hundred year anniversary of what is what is independent from space. president was rushed into registers surgery it's about health it sets. african union has condemned france for supplying weapons to the libyan rebels chief threatens to regional wednesday france became the first a nato country to openly admit arming trouble fighters struggle to topple gadhafi heads of state from africa to meet an equatorial guinea late on thursday for a summit. is expected to be high on the agenda. for the first
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tropical storm or the atlantic hurricane season threat of floods and mudslides mexico's central gulf coast states companies that are in the situation ready to order the evacuation of oil platforms necessary the rains have already been falling across to say many parts of the country this won't be the central gulf coast region still recovering from region flooding last year. almost seventy years ago an entire nation of people displaced from their homeland all hundred thousand were scattered around them they are still not made to feel welcome and the culture of their ancestors teams with a question it takes up a story. as it turns out this colorful ad which carried across the world was an inviting everyone and in time people can make their way back to georgia the lines of their ancestors. where we would just come back to our lands and it's hard
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to georgia that's what we've been fighting for and dreaming of for many years there are some four hundred thousand people with this dream spread across the globe there have been left with no homeland mishaps and heard so often described as the twice deported people they were forcibly displaced first from georgia and then from us that this time and after almost seventy years of there are no not exist. this is their only hold now is that one day they will be able to return to their native flags it was this town in regime which deported over ninety thousand this had to in turks and central asia in nine hundred forty four but they have to flee again after violent as nic was in his back is down in the one nine hundred eighty nine most of them now live in azerbaijan in turkey as well as russia and the united states georgia finally adopted a repatriation though under pressure from the european council in two thousand and seven but even four years on the law doesn't appear to have changed anything.
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in the regulars of the most stable of countries that's the first thing secondly they seem to realize they're not welcome to come to an entirely new country was going to be on not everyone is capable of them. came into power but was surrounded by so many bureaucratic barriers to collect so many documents it may coming back almost impossible the chairman of the world organization of mishaps and turks saleman but about cancer has traveled to georgia repeatedly in the fight to make their country should a lot more fractious but last year saleman was arrested in georgia and in presidential years he was accused of forging documents and fraud but his supporters say the charges were trumped up charges that there is no proof that he's guilty i'm sure he was arrested for political or nationalistic reasons we can't do anything to help him for now most mishaps in turks continued to leave
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a lot of scattered far from where they consider home and in distant lands there holds of return still simm equally remote made in a questionable artsy reporting from the north caucasus. but next this is up it with craig. thanks. iraq and to a business person here at r.t. russ as a gas giant gazprom is holding out. annual general meeting today the company has announced that me crease its investment program to record high level now for more details of these going of course or at least at the gas. hello arena what all the key issues of this meeting. will we're expecting to hear about record breaking dividends castro is proposing to give out just under four roubles per se air this year and that is a sixty one percent increase from two thousand and nine and if it is approved castro says that will it will be the biggest amount of money ever given in
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corporate history they're also changing the rules as far as how and when it will be given out the dividends shareholders can expect to receive the money up to sixty days from the moment the decision is made and it will be the store simultaneously to all of the shareholders now twenty term results for gastro work paul says it sells revenue went up twenty six percent to one hundred eighteen billion rubles sorry dollars and that was historically low now gas from is looking ahead they're planning to increase or spending to accommodate higher spot prices and higher demand in europe there will be rates and output and export volumes and production is now forecast arise two percent to an estimated five hundred nineteen billion cubic meters of gas for twenty eleven and of course it will also be increasing their investment record forty four billion dollars and the directors expect this year's average out to rise about twenty two percent to about fifty eight billion
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dollars and all of these decisions will of course be made with a new board of directors who will be elected later today. ok marina thanks very much marion acosta reporting from gas problems headquarters in moscow. russia is about to realize its biggest investment dream the country's newly created ten billion dollars fund will come out with the first projects in september the head of the fund has outlined its investment priorities. agricultural prices are increasing dramatically so i agree business is very important health care. health care can be much more efficient and can be improved dramatically for investments i was proper and look how energy efficiency we all know that we have so much of the bendable manager prices are all sorts of new energy efficient technologists to produce very significant cost savings so it's a lot of venture for dirt it's a lot for the early stage projects those are the projects where we can see sort of
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predictable cash flow and such as energy efficiency it will produce good results but also good for the country. now let's take a look at the markets not work continues with games after rallying two percent on wednesday the increase followed a u.s. interest report showed a sharp decline that surpassed expectations like so it is trading at around ninety five dollars per barrel and brant is trading at around one hundred twelve dollars now eighteen she has pulled higher on thursday with hong kong leading the advance that's not the greece move closer to receiving more aid to avoid a sovereign default in france nicky's trading up more than a point three percent among japanese lenders mitsubishi financial group kate over to help us that also meets home of its new financial group tax one point nine percent so if you're listed shares of citi group were up two point three point three percent after the lenders us talk and with we have to somehow some airlines lost ground on from oil prices to china southern airlines down to half
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a cent and. here in moscow the r.t.s. one half a percent hi adam isaacs will start trading in just a few minutes now it closed half a percent in the black of wednesday and the growth was mainly supported by energy stocks. now greece's approval of the hotly debated austerity has sunk tensions on the markets however said again that also at deutsche bank believes other events will have great. replications foot of water main break is mostly price to be in the middle of the market strike in the past in the past several days but on the other hand investors hold poor under greek thought probable soul will not appear at least for the next several months the most important of the greek water will be at the end of one of the fees and in the us on the thirtieth of june and the fact that we can get the start of corporate reports and susan in the states for the second quarter we expect this will take
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a bigger role than cold and this practice will outline the trend of the market in the beginning of july. that's all the nation's business is i have for you you can always find most always just look on top websites. the be. the be to.
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the of the be. the best sleep. the be. the be. wealthy british style the book i'm writing the book that. hi guys.

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